Next steps on your anti-racism journey

2 min readJul 10, 2020

On Wednesday 8 July 2020 a group of about 300 people came together for a webinar on how to engage in courageous and impactful conversations about racism.

Watch: Courageous conversations about race

If you’d like to watch the session again the video is on our Facebook page at this link. We’ll upload it to YouTube with captions soon for our deaf and hard of hearing whānau.

Here are a few suggested actions from our speakers you can take as next steps:

👉 Attend ‘Beyond Diversity’, 1st and 2nd September, Wellington
This is a two-day workshop facilitated by Courageous Conversation South Pacific Institute. Expressions of interest can be sent to

👉 Kat Poi suggests finding a racial equity mentor.
This is someone who will challenge you and encourage you to keep growing your racial consciousness no matter how aware you may feel. Kat says, “There’s always more (un)learning to do towards healthy racial dialogue and dismantling racism.”

👉 Attend ‘How to Talk to Your Racist Uncle (and Anyone Else)’, 15 August, Kapiti coast
Gaayathri leads workshops on how to address racism in everyday conversations. Contact to book or for enquiries on future courses.

👉 Follow Guled Mire’s organisation Third Culture Minds on Facebook

👉 Read these great articles by Dylan Asafo
Time to dismantle our rotting house on Newsroom and Are we finally paying attention? for E-Tangata.

As for us, we recommend these articles, podcasts and videos:

  • Race Class Narrative Action. Research that uncovers why it’s important to talk about race and class together in order to build unified movements and shift hearts and minds.
  • Empathy does not mean endorsement. A fascinating TED talk by queer Venezuelan-American digital content creator Dylan Marron about the power of empathy.
  • The danger of a single story. A powerful TED talk by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie about the importance of challenging single or dominant stories.
  • The roots of extremism. An insightful podcast where Vox founder Ezra Klein interviews Deeyah Khan, a British documentary filmmaker, about what motivates extremists and how we can challenge hate effectively.
  • Befriending radical disagreement. A podcast by Krista Tippett from On Being about a Jewish man who befriended an anti-semite and helped him radically change his views.
  • Words to win by. A series of short podcasts by messaging guru Anat Shenker-Osorio. The series looks at a range of case studies where campaigners and organisers have used great messaging to achieve progressive wins.

Kia kaha with your mahi helping to build an inclusive Aotearoa.

If you’d like to see more of these webinars, and pūtea is something you can help with, please donate to our decolonisation fund here.




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