Next steps on your anti-racism journey

Watch: Courageous conversations about race
  • Race Class Narrative Action. Research that uncovers why it’s important to talk about race and class together in order to build unified movements and shift hearts and minds.
  • Empathy does not mean endorsement. A fascinating TED talk by queer Venezuelan-American digital content creator Dylan Marron about the power of empathy.
  • The danger of a single story. A powerful TED talk by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie about the importance of challenging single or dominant stories.
  • The roots of extremism. An insightful podcast where Vox founder Ezra Klein interviews Deeyah Khan, a British documentary filmmaker, about what motivates extremists and how we can challenge hate effectively.
  • Befriending radical disagreement. A podcast by Krista Tippett from On Being about a Jewish man who befriended an anti-semite and helped him radically change his views.
  • Words to win by. A series of short podcasts by messaging guru Anat Shenker-Osorio. The series looks at a range of case studies where campaigners and organisers have used great messaging to achieve progressive wins.



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