Meet the next generation of elected leaders in the South Island

ActionStation are profiling inspiring young independent candidates who are standing in local elections around NZ.

A colourful collage of seven young people in different outdoor settings
Young independent candidates standing for local councils in 2019

The following candidates are standing in the South Island.

Rohan O’Neill-Stevens

19, Nelson City Council

Rohan against a blue sky background eating a pink icecream

Julie Nevin

38, Tasman District Council

Julie laughing, looking off camera, at a beach with rocky background

Lan Pham

33, a sitting councillor seeking re-election for the regional council Environment Canterbury (Ecan)

Lan smiling, wearing a blue top sitting amongst green grass

Hamish Keown

27, Environment Canterbury

Hamish looking to camera with a rural sunny landscape behind him

Scout Barbour-Evans

24, Dunedin City Council

Scout at a local market looking down at a clipboard, couple with pram out of focus in the background

Finn Campbell

27, Dunedin City Council

Finn standing in front of a beautiful harbour view
  • Cycleways that support children using them.
  • Bus Services with flat/free fares with easy on and off-ramps.
  • Safe spaces which include design features that allow safe travel at night time by women and minorities. Tactile pavers on the streets for the visually impaired and remove curb edges for the mobility impaired.
  • De-prioritise car private car traffic.

Bonnie Mager

32, Environment Southland

Bonnie in a shed, in jacket and hat, with a home made trap on the table

Want to read more profiles? Check out the inspiring young independents running in other areas here:

Want more information before voting?

The Spinoff has a great website with profiles on candidates at this link:

How to vote

Voting is open from 20 September till midday 12 October.

By voting in the local election, and supporting friends or whānau members to join you, we will multiply the impact of our community and elect councillors that will advocate for the ecosystems that sustain life.



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