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3 min readJul 15, 2019

15 July 2019 — There’s just 1 day left to have your say on the Zero Carbon Act Bill — if you know what you want to say to the politicians to push for more ambitious goals you can click on this link now to make a submission. Otherwise please read on for what it’s all about.

Two years ago Jacinda Ardern shared the now infamous phrase that tackling climate change is our generation’s ‘nuclear-free moment’.

Now is the time to live up to the challenge.

Right now the government is taking submissions about how we move to a zero carbon economy by 2050. This will require a whole new approach to the way we travel, grow and transport food and the way we heat our homes.

It will take big political decisions to build a future we are excited to live into.

As voters we can call on our elected leaders to prioritise policies that nurture life in all its diversity and the earth that we love.

Today we have an opportunity to do that by saying what we think on the plan for New Zealand to be ‘zero carbon by 2050’.

The Zero Carbon Act Bill (ZCA Bill) is a piece of legislation that will create the framework for this government, and future governments to take action to limit humanity’s effect on the global temperature.

There are a number of good proposals in the ZCA Bill already. For example, it will create a target of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050; it will require the government to set ‘carbon budgets’ every five years; and it will set up an independent Climate Commission to oversee the work.

Our friends at Generation Zero, who first drafted and pushed for the government to adopt a ZCA Bill have prepared an easy to follow guide to help you make a submission.

Click on the link and follow the instructions. Submissions close 16 July 2019.

Generation Zero suggests asking for the following in your submission:

  • a commitment to Tikanga Māori, Te Tiriti O Waitangi, and Māori interests;
  • an ask for a transition plan to a zero carbon economy so that everyone can thrive and who needs them are offered new training and jobs;
  • higher targets for greenhouse gas emissions — a 2030 target for non-methane gases of a 50% reduction of 2017 levels;
  • and a 2050 target for methane that is consistent with the 1.5ºC target.

Whoever is in government in the future must be held accountable for the plans they make so Generation Zero recommend:

  • remove ‘Section 5ZJ’ so that the government can be held to account in court if their carbon budgets don’t work towards the 2050 target.

The more of us that speak out now, the more politicians will know they have the mandate to do more, and sooner. By making a submission you will show politicians there is strong public support for more ambitious targets that are enforceable in the courts.

Add your voice and make a submission today

With this submission process, the number of people who have their say will make a big difference. The media will report the number of submissions to this Bill and this will then also show the strong public support our elected representatives need to be ambitious.

You don’t need to be a climate scientist or policy expert to have your say. Climate breakdown affects all of us and your perspective, hopes, fears and aspirations matter.

Have your say on the ZCA

We can create a green and beautiful future. Together we’re capable of so much — humans have explored the world, expressed ourselves in art, harnessed the sun, wind and waves for our energy needs, visited the moon, and developed medicines that have saved lives.

We can envision the more beautiful, resilient, inclusive future we want.

With our vision in mind then we can do the things to make that happen. To co-create a country where sustainability and the health and well-being of all forms of life are at the heart of government decision-making. To drive our economy so that our natural taonga (treasures) thrive and our rivers, air, oceans and wild places are clean and healthy.

Make your submission




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