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Here are some of the practical things we’ve learned in working together for change - put together for the citizen campaigners using the OurActionStation community platform.

Scroll down to find resources on setting up a petition, growing the petition, communication, using social media, attracting media, mobilising offline, meeting your MP, tips on strategy, delivering your petition and more.

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About OurActionStation

The OurActionStation platform puts the power in your hands to run campaigns to make a difference in our communities for a fair and flourishing New Zealand Aotearoa.

Setting up an OurActionStation petition

A petition can be the way to build a supporter base for an effective campaign. Here’s a few simple points and FAQ for setting up a petition:

Getting more signatures

You’ve started on your campaign journey, launched a petition and got the first wave of signatures. After a week it tends to level off — so how do you continue to build support without a feature on the front page of the NZ Herald?

Communication and your campaign

During your campaign you’re able to send an email to your supporters at any time. What do they need to know about what’s happening next? What can they do that will help the campaign move forward? How will they be part of the eventual success?

Using social media

Social media has become an integral part of most activism and campaigning. It is often the face of a campaign, how people hear of and engage with the issue and also enhances offline activities.

Mobilising and campaigning offline

An online petition and social media presence is a great way to find a supporter base, but how do we go about involving and mobilising other people so they build the campaign too? Making the most of supporters, volunteers and campaign team members can bring the issue into the real world, growing support, creating visibility and meeting the campaign goals.

Getting petition signatures offline

As you’ll know, your online petition can be downloaded to collect physical signatures. There’s a few little tricks that can make a difference to getting people to sign to support the campaign, and ways you can support your volunteers collecting signatures.

Working with the media

Media is an important tool to communicate with a wider public. What are some of the tricks to getting media stories for your campaign? How do you decide on an angle? What are the tips to writing a great media release? What can you do to make sure journalists pick it up as a story?

Meet your MP

One on one conversations with our elected representatives are effective in sharing ideas and influencing decisions. You can find out their position on your issue and also start to build a relationship for a long term campaign. It shows MPs that there are real people behind the issue and can inform your decisions on which tactics will work best to make change.

Useful tools for the online campaigner

A citizen campaigner often has to be a ‘jack of all trades’ and take on the roles of writer, designer, communications and IT! The following are websites that can help you when you and your team have these jobs to do.

Level up: Campaign strategy 101

Strategy is within every little action of a campaign journey and really comes down to asking some simple questions:

  • What’s the current problem and how does it affect people?
  • What could be different to fix it? What’s our solution and how would that benefit people?
  • Who or what organisation has the power to do that?
  • Who can influence them? How do we get their attention and convince them to do that?
  • What makes this urgent?

How to deliver your petition to Parliament

Support for your petition is growing, you’ve gathered hundreds of signatures and the community is fired up. There is a crucial next step — delivering your petition. While petitions can target businesses, media organisations and local councillors, many are directed to our elected representatives at Parliament.

Presenting to a Select Committee

If you present your petition to Parliament they are likely to give it to one of the select committees, the groups of politicians from different parties who discuss and seek advice on new laws, and review petitions from the public. The select committee may ask you to send a written submission and/or make an oral submission. After considering the petition and other evidence they will make a report and recommendation to Parliament.

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Recommended campaigner resource sites

This campaign tips page is being regularly updated, come back occasionally to check out more resources! In the meantime here is a list of the ActionStation campaign team’s fave resource sites.

OurActionStation makes it possible and easy for each of us to be part of creating the changes we want to see.

Chip in to sustain this people-powered community campaign platform.

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We work together to create a society where people and planet are more important than profit and Te Tiriti o Waitangi is honoured.

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