Here’s how we can stop that pipeline from being built through a kiwi sanctuary

Another day, another ‘I can’t believe I have to fight this thing’

Plans for the pipeline
Photo © Andrew Walmsley.
  • Renting a huge truck to park in front of Maggie Barry’s office or Parliament next week — a real attention grabber for Ms Barry and the media
  • Making human-sized kiwi costumes to follow Ms Barry around the North Shore and everywhere else
  • Building a giant pipeline through Ms Barry’s office in Takapuna
  • Put an ad on the front page of the Otago Daily Times to rally big support

The proposal to take our water, ship it off shore for what seems like marginal benefit to the local community but with a potentially catastrophic cost to a species that’s already at critical risk of extinction looks like a bad one.

As we know from our own history, humans tend to underestimate how wrong things can go, and it’s usually our wildlife, trees, rivers, birds and lakes that pay the cost.

A photo of a Haast kiwi (Credit: DOC)



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