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  • Ollie Rankin

    Ollie Rankin

    Artist, activist, technologist, futurist. Working towards a world that is more diverse, fair and sustainable than the one we find ourselves in now

  • Tim Lo Surdo

    Tim Lo Surdo

    Founder, National Director at Democracy in Colour | Co-Founder at Open Sky Slam | Spoken Word Poet | Lover of justice

  • Mary Annaïse Heglar

    Mary Annaïse Heglar

    Climate justice writer. Co-creator and co-host of the Hot Take podcast and newsletter. Southern girl and NYC woman. James Baldwin is my personal hero.

  • John Lang

    John Lang

    Writer & founder @e_nviro | @UCL graduate in climate change/energy law/policy | Sagan & Hitchens fan | NZer

  • Raf Manji

    Raf Manji

    Change Agent who Dreams about a Brighter Future and Plans to Make it Happen. Former banker, strategist, social entrepreneur, now a Christchurch City Councillor.

  • Jake Benge

    Jake Benge

    Checking privilege since 93'. They don't want you to have a bigger pool than Kanye. Law and Military defense student.

  • Lillian Grace

    Lillian Grace

    I dream, I think, I do. Founder and CEO of https://figure.nz.

  • Matthew Hooton

    Matthew Hooton

    MD of Exceltium. Political commentator & columnist. Marathoner. Philosophy student. Classical liberal.

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