A dose of hope for September

People powered change — a roundup for the month of September

Together with our allies, we delivered an 8,000-strong petition calling for solutions to child and family poverty and coordinated a huge media drive in support

Images of the Lincoln Height School photobook, featuring shots of the group of kids

The Kiwi Bottle Drive team secure a huge win for community recycling!

Kiwi Bottle Drive campaigns stand outside the Beehive with a banner that says, Support Bottle Deposits. Many of them are hold

Thanks to decades of activism from many people, New Zealand history will be taught in schools!

Our friends at SAFE are working hard to protect animals from harm

A group of cows with two close up with noses sniffing the camera

We’re calling for Oranga Tamariki to live up to its name

A woman holds a sign outside the Beehive at the Hands Off Our Tamariki rally: ‘Protect our tamariki, our future Māoritanga

Young people organised thousands of us to demand climate action

80,000 people on Auckland’s Queen Street and 40,000 people gathered at the Beehive
  • To pass an ambitious Zero Carbon Act into law;
  • To cease all exploration and extraction of fossil fuels;
  • To invest in building a renewable and regenerative economy now; and
  • To honour its responsibility to our Pacific Island neighbours by ensuring its domestic climate policies align with the Paris Agreement 1.5 goal.

Last day to have your say in local elections

Four RockEnrol volunteers wear Vote t-shirts in Auckland’s St Kevin’s Arcade
A collage of some of the 40 independent candidates under 40 who aim to shake up councils and advocate for people



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