People powered stories for May 2019

We helped secure a $320m increase to sexual health services and support for survivors!

Laura and Kassie with Conor Twyford Chief Executive of Wellington Sexual Abuse (HELP) delivering our petition to MP Marama Davidson.

Lauren is leading the charge for cohesive and consistent healthy relationships, sexuality and sex education in schools.

Lauren and Laura at select committee

We helped make New Zealand safer by changing our gun laws for good.

We’re working together to give all children the best start in life.

We’re training an army of people who spread love and light in the face of racist hate.

Our Wellington volunteers
Our Auckland volunteers

We’re calling for the government to prevent and end online hate.

Golriz, Marianne and Laura at Bowen House discussing digital threats and opportunities to democracy

We’re backing the campaign to save Foulden Maar

We’re supporting dentist Dr Assil Russell to make dental care available to all.

Dentist Dr Assil Russeell smiling and holding toothbrush, looking at the camera from point of view of a patient in a dentist’s chair.

We’re standing with Torres Strait Islanders demanding climate justice.

Young people are rising up to stop rising sea levels.

Photo of young people on strike, one holding a sign that says, “I want a hot date, not a hot planet”

We’re making big plans for the next 18 months.

Eliot, Kassie, Laura, Madeleine, Ann, (our guest Moana), Ruby, Yvonne and Franklin (the dog) — your ActionStation team.

We work together to create a society where people and planet are more important than profit and Te Tiriti o Waitangi is honoured.