A dose of hope for June!

💥 Our community helped secure the biggest rise to benefits in a generation 💥

Image description: A GIF which scrolls through a number of images: an image with seven polaroid pictures of folks next to the words -we support liveable incomes for all- on a turquoise koru background; a photo of 13 diverse and happy looking folks on the steps of parliament; a photo of two women handing over the petition box outside Jacinda Ardern’s electorate office; two photos side by side of groups of people at meet your MP training workshops; a photo of a zoom meeting with 12 people, one is

🐧 #ProtectPūtiki for future generations 🐧

A GIF with four images of: people at Pūtiki; of the floating construction platform; of police lined up on the beach; two artworks of a person in a boat with the Tino Rangatiratanga and the flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand, one boat on the water and one in cupped hands
Images and artworks by @eyedr.ps, Carolina Albuquerque, Sam Webber, #ProtectPūtiki

⚡Political power to the young people

Three images of youth led campaigns: Seven members of the Make it 16 team standing in front of the Beehive; Jahvaya holding the original Hamilton city emblem; seven people from the groups Generation Zero, City for People and Renters United.
Images by Make it 16, Jahvaya Wheki and Rebecca Matthews

⚖️ Justice for all ⚖️

Two images, one a group shot of the members of Manaaki Rangatahi, the second of Aaron with the title Aaron Hendry, Lifewise Trust



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Community campaigning organisation bringing people together to act in powerful and coordinated ways to create a fair and flourishing Aotearoa for all.